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Buganda Kingdom and the Turkish government have signed an agreement to strengthen diplomatic ties.

The agreement has been signed between the Katikkiro of Buganda, Mr Charles Peter Mayiga and Turkish Ambassador to Uganda Mehmet Fatih in a meeting held at Bulange Mengo .

The Katikiro Mayiga said there are several opportunities Ugandans can benefit from in Turkey

“you learn more when you met people from the other side we have exchanged views and as you know we always welcome collaboration with prospective partners as you may be aware the Kingdoms is permitted by law to invest and carry out development programs, they are many opportunities that Ugandans can get from Trukia and I think Turkish companies can also build collaboration with us.” Katikiro says.

On his part ambassador Fatih reiterated his government’s commitment to work closely with Buganda Kingdom

“It was a fruitful meeting for future cooperation. I informed the prime minister about what Trukia has been doing in Uganda and what we were planning for the future. So far, we have completed 76 development projects in Uganda, and we wish to continue. The Turkish ambassador to Uganda.”  Mehmet Fatih said

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