Luwero hospital has terminated the internship of two medical students and a health worker is under investigation over alleged extortion.

On Wednesday, Luwero hospital administration invited local leaders and residents to assess client satisfaction, get feedback on health services and areas of improvement. The engagement was held at Luwero Sub County Community hall.

During the feedback, the local leaders and residents told the hospital administration that although there was significant improvement in health services; extortion, poor sanitation and congestion remain a challenge.

Eddie Zziwa, the District Councillor for Luwero sub county, said there are still complaints from mothers that the midwives ask for money to handle deliveries, which may discourage them from giving birth in the hospital.

Other residents told the management, that the doctors also ask for money to conduct operations and those who can’t afford are referred to other facilities.

Faridah Najjuma, the District Councillor for Luwero town and Margaret Nansubuga the Deputy Speaker of Luwero sub county also decried congested maternity and poor sanitation, which may force the mothers to abandon the facility.

Dr. Bruno Oyik, the Medical Superintendent of Luwero hospital, acknowledged the complaints and said they have taken measures to address them to restore public trust.

Dr. Oyik revealed that two medical interns had been expelled from the training after they got reports that they asked for money to handle patients without a supervisor in breach of the guidelines. He added that a health worker has been forwarded to the district rewards and sanction committee to defend himself over reports that he extorted money from patients.

He explained that they got reports that the health workers or interns were extorting between shillings 200,000-250,000 from patients.

Oyik added that they have put up call lines for the patients to report cases and any intern or health worker involved will be punished.

On 27th December ,2023, Bernard Okello the Luwero District Human Resource Officer issued a directive on behalf of the Chief Administrative Officer prohibiting medical students from handling and administering treatment to patients without supervision at the health center.

Okello added that they had gotten reports that trainees extort or are being used by health workers to extort money from the patients which is also illegal. He warned that any trainee found handling patients without guidance, extorting money and stealing government drugs would be expelled from the programme before he is handed over to the Police to face criminal charges.

He also asked the residents to report the trainees involved in the misconduct to the District Health Officer for immediate action.

Dr. Innocent Nkonwa the Luwero District Health Officer said that the trainees are supposed to abide by medical ethics which they are being taught to them and any who fails to abide by them should be expelled.

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