The Committee on Education and Sports has called for thorough research before the phasing out of certificate and diploma courses in nursing.

This recommendation was made in a report of the committee presented to the House on Tuesday, 02  April 2024 by Hon. Phillips Lokwang.

The report further recommends that government should in future, carry out comprehensive studies before taking decisions of a similar nature.
“The Ministry of Education should have considered the issue of reviewing the curriculum for the comprehensive nursing courses with a view of enriching it”, Lokwang said.

He emphasized the need for the government to develop a policy guiding the phase-out process within the education and sports sub-programme.

Kimanya – Kibonera Member of Parliament, Hon. Dr. Abed called for a detailed report from the sector minister regarding the decision to pause the comprehensive nursing courses.
“I have not received clear communication from the minister and I urge him to address the recent developments regarding the courses,” he said.

Aringa North MP, Hon. Godfrey Onzima stressed the importance of not rushing to phase out such programmes calling for assessment of  the validity, viability and relevance before any decision is made.

The Minister of State for Higher Education, Hon.John Chrysistom Muyingosaid the government halted recruitment and training of comprehensive nursing graduates in 2020.
He however, indicated that a review of the decision will be conducted.

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