Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has asked Parliament to approve the expenditure of Shs600 million on several tourism activities, including holding a Covid-19 remembrance parade.

This followed a clarification made by Francis Adome, Moroto Municipality MP, who tasked the Authority to clarify this expenditure, during a meeting held between MPs on the Presidential Affairs Committee and the Authority who had appeared to defend their 2024/25 national budget framework paper.

According to the details provided before the Committee, KCCA has allocated Shs600 million for various tourism development activities and the funds will go towards holding a Kampala tourism expo, development of Kampala tourism brand and identity, COVID-19 remembrance parade, digitizing Kampala Tourism Information Centre and development and maintaining 10 tourism sites around the city.

The Deputy Executive Director of KCCA, Eng. David Luyimbazi told the MPs that the COVID-19 remembrance parade an idea borrowed from Canada is intended not just to remember the lives lost to the deadly pandemic, but also to extend appreciation to the medical workers who worked tirelessly to treat and save the lives of the people in Uganda.

“This is more of a remembrance campaign, many people died, many businesses closed we can’t wish them away. Many countries are remembering this Covid-19 event as part of appreciating the sacrifices people made, the doctors, so this is partly tourism, partly remembrance,” he said.

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