More than 500 families in Buwekula cell, Northern Division, Jinja City, are living in fear of eviction after 60 houses were demolished by Busoga Kingdom officials.

One of the officials was the Kingdom’s Youth Affairs Minister, James Mukembo  who was accompanied by UPDF officers attached to the royal guards unit. They stormed homes with graders and demolished houses, with the victims claiming they were not given adequate time to protect their property from destruction.

Jessica Namaganda, says that she saved 2,000 Shillings over a period of 15 years and managed to buy a plot of land at six Million Shillings, and constructed a two-roomed house, which was demolished.

79- year-old, Leila Nabumba says that all her children passed away and she stays in her two-roomed house with 10 grandchildren. She says that the house was demolished without offering her an alternative place to shelter the family.

Nabumba says that she lacks both water and shelter to care for the children, who are currently surviving at the mercy of well-wishers.

Hamidah Mutesi, another resident also claimed that the eviction was effected without prior notice.

She adds that residents who were hesitant to leave their houses, were assaulted and their property destroyed.

Yasin Kaziiba, another resident says that the one-acre piece of land, hosting their family home was inherited from his great-grandfathers and there was no need for kingdom officials to demolish the property.

When contacted, the Busoga Kingdom Public Relations Manager, Michael Kifubangabo refused to comment on the matter saying that he is currently on leave. Mukembo also declined to comment.

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