By Katamu Nedinani

Over six Gulu city division mayors and their employees have been handed over to the parliamentary Criminal Investigations Department (CID) police for more investigations into the compilation of Covid19 beneficiary lists.

This was during the Committee of parliament for Public Accounts on local government where it was found that those who benefited from the 100,000shs Covid19 relief were not the actual beneficiaries in the categories specified by government.

It was also found that the said first beneficiary of Covid19 relief in Gulu City Godfrey Oloya was untraceable on phone by the committee and not a resident in Gulu.

The sub-committee of PAC also found out that the town agencies used to compile the lists of beneficiaries, registered themselves, political leaders, gulu regional credit manager post bank, credit supervisor centenary bank gulu and their relatives against false job titles.

It was from this that the chair of the committee Martine Mapenduzi handed over the suspected officials to the CID of parliament for more interrogations.