By Katamu Nedinani

Local governments have called up on the central government to avail funds that could be use in specialized counseling and rehabilitation of teacher and learner to effectively suit the post covid 19 era a head of school re-opening in Uganda.

The call has been made by the Mayor Nansana municipality Regina Bakitte who explains that Teachers have been traumatized by the devastating state of covid 19 and to effectively suit the new-normal era, specialized counseling is needed, including how to teach learner who seen distressed currently.

Bakitte says teachers have been engaged in several petty  jobs to earn a living, including working with their learners at construction cites, chapati making, break laying, among other which may cause them to pity themselves other than holding self esteem a requisite for their career.

Regina Bakitte.

The Ministry of Health has set stringent measures requiring primary education institutions to have at most 10 pupils per classroom and only 15 students for secondary schools, tertiary institutions and universities, before they can reopen.

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